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James Barbarossa

      Graduate of the Bournemouth Film School, James Barbarossa is a Writer/ Director with a unique and witty style. A prolific writer, James has carved out a unique place for his scripts, humouring his audiences while discussing the deeper philosophical issues his characters face.

      As a director, James presents a strong visual style, combining in-camera effects with visual effects to create an exciting combination of these two realms. James has most enjoyed his work in Science Fiction and Comedy. James' hope is to blend genres and to create an intellectual connection with the viewer.

     The meta fiction aspect of James' films have given them a self referential edge that often surprises and delights viewers.

     Last year, James wrote and directed Blacktail's flagship production, Gangsters vs Vampires, which is currently in post-production.





Selected Credits:


-  Gangsters vs Vampires (Short, 2016) (Director/ Writer)

-  The Orphans (Audio Drama, 2016) (Script Editor)

-  Silver Studded Blue (Short, 2016) (Producer)

-  Pierot (Short, 2015) (Producer)

-  Lost Time (Short, 2015) (Producer)

-  For Their Own Good (Short, 2015) (Producer)

-  Hotel Aeternum (Short, 2015) (Writer)

-  Story of Garrick (Short, 2014) (Writer/ Producer)