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Zachary Fortais-Gomm

      Zachary Fortais-Gomm is graduate of the prestigious Bournemouth Film School. Originally of Toronto, Canada, he travelled to the UK to study, live and work.

       Zachary specialises in many different areas, with skills in each stage of production. His skills as a script editor is being taken advantage of during some of Blacktail's upcoming projects.

       In pre-production Zachary has shown promise in the organisation and scheduling of shoots, as well as the coordination of crew. He has worked as Producer on various low budget film projects.

       During production, Zachary thrives as a Script Supervisor, as well as 1st AD, being fiercely organised, and understanding the necessity of attention to detail.

       Post-Production is the area in which Zachary has the most experience, working with multitude of industry standard Non-Linear editors from a very young age. Zachary flourishes as an assistant, as well as a primary editor making crucial editing choices, and ensuring safe and timely delivery of projects. With his vast skills in post-production, Zachary can ensure a concise, and time saving post-production workflow tailored to individual projects.


Selected Credits:


-  The Orphans (Audio Drama, 2016) (Director, Writer)

-  Gangsters vs Vampires (Short, 2016) (Producer)

-  Moments (Short, 2015) (Director, Producer)

-  Silver Studded Blue (Short, 2016) (Editor, Script Supervisor)

-  Colour is the Keyboard (Short, 2015) (Producer)

-  Hitman: The Best Assassin in the World (Short, 2015) (Editor)

-  Anderson (Short, 2014) (Producer)

-  Litter Bugg (Short, 2014) (Script Supervisor)

-  People Ltd. (Short, 2015) (Editor)

-  In Their Lust (Short, 2014) (Editor)

-  These Are Better Days (Short, 2015) (Script Supervisor, Assistant Editor, D.I.T.)

-  A Fate Worse than Death (Short, 2014) (Editor, Sound Designer)

-  Time  (Documentary Short, 2015) (Editor, Sound Designer, Colourist)